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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

World Fighting For Lives with King of Buah Pukol Lian Padukan


Alhamdulillah and Congratulations to all the participants for attending “ Kursus Lian Tasbih and Applikasi Kipas Nandong” at LPMAA on Saturday, 12 Nov 2011. This was In conjunction with World Fighting For Lives Weekend event that involved more than 80 martial arts groups throughout the world simultaneously on the 12-13 Nov.2011.

The World Fighting For Lives Weekend founder Dr.Parvez from Finland has managed to get martial artist from all over the world to help to raise money for charity – helping orphanages and street kids. This was the second event after the first one held in November 2009. This time around, more people joined in conducting martial arts courses and seminars for charity.

We thank you to Dr Parvez Alam for inviting Lian Padukan again to be part of this World Event and insyaAllah we will continue to support this event in future.Our gratitude and thank you to our Grandmaster Dr.Haji Mohammed Hasyim Salleh Al-Masyhur for coming all the way from Johor Bahru to be part of this charity event and taught us the Lian Tasbih and Kipas Nandung. Lian Tasbih founder was Dr Haji Mohammed Hasyim himself and for this special occasion and for the first time he showed us the Lian Tasbih and its application.

Lian Tasbih is a unique style of Lian because it uses the tasbih as a weapon and perform in a Lian movement. Tt is not part of the Lian Padukan syllabus. It is categorically found in “Lian Asing” or foreign Lian techniques. The movement and the swing of the Lian Tasbih were absolutely practical. It was simple to adapt the techniques in a fight situation. All of us agreed that the tasbih is definitely a cruel weapon to destroy our opponent. No mercy whatsoever to the enemy.

Later that day we were presented by the Grandmaster Dr.Haji Mohammed Hasyim Salleh the ‘Kipas Nandong’. He said that this hand technique is best and suitable for the ladies due to its soft and slow hand movement, and yet so powerfull. And of course if this is use by the guys, it will be fantastic.

Overall, we had a great time together, the course was a success and most satisfying for the participants. The problem was time, we do not have enough time to do more applications and enough time to learn how to make our own ‘killer’ tasbih.

My sincere thanks to Dr.Haji Mohammed Hasyim Salleh, Grandmaster, founder - LIAN PADUKAN RAJA BUAH PUKOL - KING OF BUAH PUKOL for sharing with us his knowledge and wisdom in this course, many thanks to my brothers and sister ( cikgu-cikgu Khatam ) from Pahang, Johor, and Selangor and all the members who participated in this charity ‘World Fighting For Lives Weekend programme.

Semoga Allah s.w.t sahaja yang membalas jasa, usaha, sokongan dan sumbangan anda pada kursus kali ini.