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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Life Begins at ......in Lian Padukan


Last friday I have reach the age where they say that " Life Begins At this age....". Alhamdulillah

This week has been an interesting week for me when I met 3 type of people who wanted to learn Lian Padukan. Again 2 of them were the results from the SriKandi Lian Padukan story published in the Seni Beladiri Magazine by Mr Azlan Ghanie. If you read the story, Srikandi Lian Padukan, you will noticed that Mr Azlan did not write specifically on  Buah Pukul nor on Lian Padukan but more on the Srikandi. As a result Cikgu Ayeen recieved calls from people wanted to learn and know more on buah pukul and Lian Padukan and most of them are males. Alhamdulillah, we also saw the trend of the old students who left LP before especially in Johor came back to continue learning Lian Padukan. YDp berjaya menghidupkan dan mengembangkan nama Srikandi Lian Padaukan.

The first guy who came was from the security company. When he came and appeared before me last wednesday, I was quite surprise..hahaha. With his brutal first impression looks,  big size, muscular ( gym guy ) and dark brown complexion with one inch haircut :-), he is not the average guy who wanted to learn martial arts. I am able to talk and explain to him on Lian Padukan, principles and explain how I conduct our training. This guy was so close talking to me that if he jumps on me, I 'll will just have bite his nose off....hehe - I have to be on the alert side. In the end, he  joined in the excersice and willingly accepted to be 'titik", "perisai" and "tumbuk". I like him.

The second guy called me on last Tuesday to meet me in class,  wednesday. Then he cancelled it. He called me wednesday morning at 730 to meet at 11am. That's fine, The he called back at 10, and said that he has reached the studio. Again, I have to be cautious, why so sudden and keep changing of time appoitmement, one too many....:-) I met him and he told me that he wanted to join since last year but was too busy with his work. This year the government has less money and slashed many events and projects so he got time to learn. He did try ( slowly ) on me to see how Lian moves and intercept a punch. Again I use the alif, ba , ta concept plus. Alhamdulillah he accepted my explaination and concept of Lian Padukan. He further offer to help in promoting Lp in his work. I saw his sincerity in helping LP. I like him too.

The third guy, 24 from  Maahad Tahfiz, alor setar. He sms, call and call again asking about Lian padukan and wanted to learn and know more about Lp. We sms and talked by the phone like we have known each other before. So yesterday I came to Penang to meet him and to prepare my students for the national grading next months. This guy came all the way from alor setar by bus ( 3 buses - Maahad to alor setar town, alor setar to butterwoth, butterworth to bertam ). He reached bertam around 330 pm.  And I drove all the way from KL to see him, all for the passion of Lian Padukan. I have to come early because he cannot attend my class at night. First, the last bus back to olor setar is 845pm and also because he has a class on Sunday. We have luch together and around 4 pm we started our Q&A (muzakarah) on buah pukul Lian Padukan.

He was so eager to learn Lian Padukan. We did some application and exchanged some moves, alhamdulillah he accepted it with an heart. He can moved his hand well and brave enough to endure the "titik, "perisai, ", "tumbuk" element. After our "muzakarah" he perform "Emas 10" to me.  I managed to teach him all 4 Jurus until 730 pm. I told him if you can learned to speak Arabic well and memorized ALL 30 chapters of the Al-Quran, then these 4 Jurus is peanuts. He is going to Mesir next August to pursue his degree in studying Al-Quran.He is sincere and dedicated to learn Lian Padukan. My first tahfiz student, alhamdulillah. I thank Allah for this meeting with Firdaus.

Lastly, I thank to Allah for his "Rahmat" blessing to me, my parents, family and Lian Padukan family. Also give me the opportunity  in meeting such a great man like my ayahanda Lian Padukan Hj Mohammed Hasyim Bin Hj Salleh, friends of LIAN PADUKAN and thus meeting wonderfull people along the way.

I hope "Roda terus berputar ke atas" dan"terus berputar ke atas".